How To Make An Offer On A Home

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How To Make An Offer on A Home

September 10, 2015 By jenniferk 

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When making an offer on a home, a buying proposal will include both terms and price. In some cases, the terms of buying agreement can be worth thousands of dollars to the buyer in additional costs. Terms are a crucial aspect of making an offer and should be reviewed very carefully.

Your friends and family must have already advised you to make an offer slightly below the asking price. However, this could be your first mistake when trying to make the offer without a professional realtor to help you. In reality the price you should offer will depend on the basic law of supply-demand. If your realtor tells you that competition is high for the property you’re making an offer on, then you might need to offer slightly more than the asking price to sugar coat the deal. It all depends on the circumstance surrounding a particular home.

How an Offer is made
The process of making an offer is rather simple. Typically, you will start by completing an offer sheet that your real estate agent will provide you. You realtor will then present it to the owner or the owner’s representative.

Your offer might get countered so it’s important that you remain in close contact with your realtor. With luck, your offer might get accepted and the negotiation process will begin, if any changes are proposed review them accordingly.

Home Inspections
Inspections are a common occurrence in residential real estate transactions. It will include a check for termites; determine the exact boundaries, property appraisal, structural inspection, as well as title reviews.

Structural inspection is perhaps the most important aspect of inspections. During the process, you will be assigned an inspector who will visit your home. Any and all defects will be accounted for whether its repairs, structural dangers, and replacements. These inspections normally take anywhere from three to four hours.

If you are considering making an offer on a house in Rocklin CA, consider the guidelines mentioned above.